How is this for beachy vibes 🐚 🐚 🐚

Spring is coming and even though I am hauled up in bed with a cold (thanks to children sneezing in my face at work🤧) the sentiments of this blog have been brewing for a few weeks now. It is ironically now that I give myself the time to write it.

We rise up and out of a third lockdown together. It’s been hard for us all. Personally I have been grateful for the support of friends and customers too.

The picture is of a commission from the last month; a commission that inspired me and (sorry for sounding cheesy) but gave me hope and confidence. It was a reminder that of what I love and what you love too.


Mother Nature.


Our connections.

We connect on so many levels.

Together, we rise.

I have a terrible tendency to stall even when ideas are blooming inside my brain so I will share with you the beginnings, the rising of the sun on a more positive year ahead. Jima Jewellery is evolving as a more sustainable brand. Rising and shining.

There will be so many beachy vibes coming your way and I can’t wait to share the completed projects with you.

Upcoming events:

In May I will be showcasing my work at a month long project in Seaford which is really exciting. I’ll keep you updated about that.

In September I am taking part in a festival so let’s keep our fingers crossed it will go ahead.

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