I wanted to start this new and hopeful year with clarity and an introduction from me.

I’m Leonora AKA Lee and I am the owner of Jima Jewellery. (Wearing an ‘Philea’ sea glass necklace)

The general story of Jima Jewellery can be found on the opening page of the website but this is a bit more about me too.

Jima Jewellery is all about bringing a piece of your island paradise back home to wherever you are.

I’m a teacher and have lived in cities (England, France, Austria & Japan) most of my life so beach holidays were (and still are!) precious. I’d always bring back something from each holiday - shells, dead coral, driftwood and then I discovered seaglass.

Seaglass is glass that has been thrown away but then washed up on the shores. It’s a man made gem. While we don’t need more (in fact there shouldn’t be any in our waters), they have become veritable treasures to be found. And in the meantime, beachcombers like me collect these gems and make use of them.

You will find lots of sea glass in my jewellery in many different ways. it could be drilled and on a chain like the picture above or set in silver (recycled where possible) looking beautiful in a ring on your finger.

Thankfully I now live by the beach (and teach on the beach too!) so I can find treasures and transform them into beautiful and unique pieces of jewellery for you all.

The memory of my life in Japan, where I lived for ten years lives on in the name of Jima Jewellery. It comes from a particular island where my husband and I used to visit and now pine after a lot.

I love to use shells and driftwood too in my jewellery because of the natural beachy vibe. My collection stated for real in Miyakojima and has developed since.

I have been making jewellery since I was quite young with long breaks here and there. A few years ago while repairing a necklace, I had the light bulb moment of combining the shells in my collection (at that time transported to Poland) with jewellery findings. With a jewellery shop literally on the road I walked to school each morning, it was a win-win situation.

Jima Jewellery was born. It was my husband who came up with the name because he is a genius and we all love a bit of alliteration. But mainly because of the fact that my heart (and both of ours) was still very much attached to this island in Japan.

So everything I make, I make with soul and I make with love and I also make it with this island in mind and in particular the beach life it evokes.

When you by a piece of Jima Jewellery you are supporting a small business, fuelling a passion and making dreams come


Custom orders are available through email / DM and they are always so inspiring to make so do not hesitate to get in touch .

Thanks for reading and Happy New Year xxx

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