V is for Violet.


This necklace is made up of gorgeous 6mm pink agate beads and white jadeite beads and teamed with a chunky purple glass bead.


The pink agate can help quash any negativity in your life while the jadeite can bring calming vibes your way.


Oh, and it looks really pretty too!


It’s clasp free, assymetrical (if you want it to be) and multi-wear for your own styles. Necklace length: 54cm

Mellow V

  • To care for all your jewellery, I recommend keeping each piece away from chemicals and perfumes.

    Silver plated jewellery should be kept out of water as the plating could wear away.

    The jima jewellery pouches are chemical free and designed to protect your pieces of jewellery so please use these when storing your treasures.