Why a mini mala? Well just have a look at the cute and tiny 4mm beads that have been used.


A regular Mala can be long and chunky and this has a feel of being small and convenient and easy to manage.


It can even wrap around your hand a few times to make it into a bracelet too. Japa Malas are used to count your mantras and it is said that if you say your mantra 108 times it has the power of letting the universe in.


These malas have a lava bead as a guru bead so you can add your favourite scent and carry it around with you.


They are decorated with shells and seaglass for a unique style and strung by hand on a nylon that can be stretched gently too (therefore making sure the bracelet will fit you).


Mini mala length: 37cm approx

Mini Mala - bleu

  • To care for all your jewellery, I recommend keeping each piece away from chemicals and perfumes. Silver plated jewellery should be kept out of water as the plating could wear away.

    The jima jewellery pouches are chemical free and designed to protect your pieces of jewellery so please use these when storing your treasures.