Unique pieces of pottery found on the shores.Sea pottery comes from various items of ceramics that have broken up over the years and been washed and smoothed by the sea.These offerings range from a piece of willow (blue) which originated in China. The green piece was likely a teacup or a saucer and given how smooth it is, has been drifting in the waters for a long time (40-50 years?)The brown piece is either a tile or stone and the effect of the stripes makes it super unique.Necklace length: 40cmMade with stainless steel for tarnish free wear.

Pottery pieces

  • To care for all your jewellery, I recommend keeping each piece away from chemicals and perfumes.

    Silver plated jewellery should be kept out of water as the plating could wear away.

    The jima jewellery pouches are chemical free and designed to protect your pieces of jewellery so please use these when storing your treasures.